Shrines Overview

Introduction Shrines are interactable objects that can be found scattered around the map and randomly spawn in dungeons. These can provide players with buffs of varying effects or trigger an event that when completed, grants players with a Radiant chest…

World Tier 1

World Tiers: Difficulty Overview

Beginner Difficulties Beginner difficulties are available from the start of the game, upon character creation you will be asked to select a difficulty. You can also change this any time via the World Tier Statue in the town. In the…

Occultist: Aspects, Sigils, and Enchanting

Occultist Overview: Aspects, Sigils, and Enchanting

Introduction Demyan the Occultist is an important NPC found in Kyovashad that allows players to imprint and extract  Legendary Aspects, enchant items to change affixes, and craft or salvage sigils. Imprinting Aspects allows players to have flexibility when customizing their…