Tree of Whispers Guide

In Diablo 4, Tree of Whispers is the open world endgame activity that serves as a stepping stone for the harder content.

In Diablo 4, Tree of Whispers is an open world endgame activity that becomes available once you have finished the Campaign and freed the Sanctuary from Lilith.

The Tree of Whispers is an ancient entity that manifested in the form of gigantic old tree with numerous severed heads hanging from its branches. They look to claim debts from their "clients" all over the world of Sanctuary, and they want you to be the collector. The heads will offer you contracts to be completed in exchange for gold, experience and rewards.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Tree of Whispers mechanic, including all types of rewards you can get, and useful tips and tricks for farming. Stop by Discord if you have any questions!

How to Unlock the Tree of Whispers? 

In order to unlock the Diablo 4 Tree of Whispers system and the corresponding Whispers of the Dead missions you need to complete the story Campaign. After you defeat the final boss Lilith, a Priority Quest called Whispers of the Dead will appear automatically, pointing you towards The Writhing Mire in Hawezar. 

After interacting with the Tree and its bodiless inhabitants, Whispers of the Dead events will become available on the map. These will appear in random subregions of the world map for a limited time. 

Each Whisper of the Dead quest will show how much time is remaining to complete it. You can access this information by hovering over the quest icon on the map. Completing the quests will reward gold, experience and Grim Favors.

Grim Favors

Grim Favors are the currency system for the Tree of Whispers. You receive these as a reward for completing the Whispers of the Dead missions. Once you have 10, return back to the Tree to collect your loot.

Each Whisper of the Dead quest rewards a different amount of Grim Favors, typically dependent on how difficult the quest is to complete. Easier quests grant 1 Grim Favor, mid-tier quests grant 3 Grim Favors and the hardest Whispers of the Dead quests reward 5 Grim Favors. 

Your progress toward the goal of 10 Grim Favors is easily tracked through a bar at the bottom of the world map. Once 10 (or more) Grim Favors are gathered the Whispers of the Dead quests will disappear, forcing you to return to the Tree to collect your reward. If you earn more than 10 Grim Favors your tracking bar will stop at 10 and the surplus will carry over towards the next bar.

Whispers of the Dead Missions

DungeonComplete a Dungeon 5 Grim Favors
Find CorpseFind a Corpse in the area that is marked - it will summon a round of mobs and an Elite Boss1 Grim Favor
Event/Triple EventComplete an Event/Complete 3 Events in the same area1 Grim Favor/3 Grim Favors
Slay MonstersDefeat a number of specific monster type1 Grim Favor
CellarClear a Cellar1 Grim Favor
HarvestKill mobs in an area and collect their special drops called 'motes'3 Grim Favor
Legion EventComplete a Legion Event3 Grim Favors
Fields of Hatred: Altar of ExtractionEnter a PVP zone and use an Altar Of Extraction3 Grim Favors
Fields of Hatred: BossFind a roaming boss in a PVP area and slay it5 Grim Favors
RitualFind Ritual sites and activate them3 Grim Favors
World BossDefeat a World Boss5 Grim Favors

Tree of Whispers Rewards

After returning 10 Grim Favors you will receive a randomly generated list of three lootboxes called 'Colections':

  • Collection Of One-Handed Weapons
  • Collection Of Boots
  • Collection Of Two-Handed Weapons
  • Collection Of Rings
  • Collection Of Helms
  • Collection Of Chaos
  • Collection Of Chestplates
  • Collection Of Amulets
  • Collection of Leg Guards
  • Collection of Gauntlets

There's a chance one of the Collections will upgrade to the Greater rarity and will contain one guaranteed Legendary item. The higher the World Tier you are currently playing on - the higher the chance for a Greater Collection.

Starting with the Nightmare difficulty (World Tier 3) the Greater Collections also have a high chance to drop Nightmare Sigils - tickets for Nightmare Dungeons.

Tree of Whispers Farming Strategy Tips

  • In Diablo 4, the Tree of Whispers system serves as a great access point for you to get into endgame content. It is perfect as way to farm up gear and levels in World Tier 2 as you prepare for Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon that will move you into Tier 3.
  • In particular, Whispers of the Dead missions are very useful for leveling alt characters. Once you have completed the campaign with your first character you can skip the story with all your other characters on the account and immediately start doing Tree of Whisper quests. 
  • However, once you're in World Tier 3, the value of Tree of Whispers drops significantly. From that point onwards, treat it as a fun side activity rather than a main way to farm. Other endgame systems like Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons should be prioritized over the Tree.
  • We recommend to combine Whispers of the Dead with all the other endgame activities - in particular, when it comes to farming Helltides and Renown. Focus on Events in Helltide zones that also grant you Grim Favors, and look to complete Dungeons that grant you both Grim Favors and Renown. Additionally, look for opportunities to mix in Side Quests.
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