Ashava Boss Guide

This article provides the User all they need to know when dealing with Ashava.


Ashava is a world boss that spawns at set times. It is the only current Beta world boss at the moment, Killing Ashava guarantees Legendaries and drops scattered prisms that are used for the Jeweler to add more sockets to your equipment. It also drops a bonus pouch around/near its corpse if the user has not claimed the world boss weekly bonus yet.

Server Slam

Spawn Times

Ashava will spawn every 3 hours during the Server Slam between May 13 starting at 9 AM PDT and every 3 hours thereafter until the final spawn on May 14 at 9 AM PDT.

Note that the maximum level during the Server Slam is level 20 (compared to 25 during the Open Beta) and the loot drops will be normalized so should be more difficult.


Defeating Ashava during the Server Slam Open Beta and reaching level 20 will grant you the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy when the game releases.


Location on where the Ashava is found is highlighted via circle in image above.


The safest spot when dealing with Ashava is when the user is directly hugging its blind spot (back), and in-between its legs. It is recommended to bring poison resistance pots brewed from the alchemist to reduce the likelihood of being killed by Ashava's DoT application if hit. Poison resistance equipment also help if possible.



Ashava leaps to a designation, usually the opposite of where players are at. Being directly where Ashava end destination is damages the user, however not by much.


Ashava slams the ground, simply evade targeted area.

Claw Swipe

Ashava swipes with its wings, being in the Danger zone hits the user, dealing an instance of direct damage and applies poison on the user. Having little or no poison resistance will most likely kill the user as the DoT applied massively hurts. Drinking health potions during DoT duration and drinking poison resistance pots brewed from the alchemist will allow you to comfortably survive a hit from this move.
Note: Danger zone is loosely estimated, either stay far or hug Ashava to prevent getting hit.

Poison Breathe

Ashava's Poison breathe extends in a long cone, do attempt side-stepping instead of backing away to reduce the chances of getting hit as the cone extends vertically long. Poison puddles also appear, simply avoid those.

Slam + Swipe

At a certain HP threshold (around 3/5 HP), Ashava will add another attack towards its slam attack, switching between the normal wing slam and this move. It will slam two areas towards where it is facing and drag its Claw in a straight line. The user is able to go directly in-between its legs and not be harmed. Getting hit by the slam will deal big direct damage. Meanwhile getting slashed by the claw will deal massive DoT damage.


Ashava does a quick but big damaging bite towards where it is facing. It is rather hard to react to this move if the user is in the hurt box. Just don't be directly faced towards the head often and the user will be fine.