Diablo 4 Elites Affixes

In Diablo 4, Elites can have special modifiers - Affixes. Those are extra abilities that make combat more engaging - come prepared!

In Diablo 4, Elites are powerful enemies that can randomly spawn in any areas of content - both in the dungeons and in the open world. They have higher health, more damage and come with a range of possible special modifiers called Elite Affixes.

These affixes are extra abilities granted to Elites that make combat more unique and engaging. You can see what affixes the enemy has by hovering over the Elite - their names and icons will be represented under the health bar.

diablo 4 elites affixes

Some modifiers, for example Cold Enchanted, make enemy attacks apply specific debuffs. Other affixes of Diablo 4 Elites are more exotic - Hellbinder, for example, summons totems that drastically restrict your maneuverability on the battlefield.

As such, when going through Dungeons and even in the open world of Sanctuary, you have to be mindful of the Elite Affixes. Your entire playstyle may have to change depending on what you're facing!

In the list below you'll find all the special Affixes that the Diablo 4 Elites can have. Learn what enemies have in their bag of tricks and come prepared!

Cold Affixes

Cold EnchantedAttacks deal Cold damage and Chill on contact, briefly creating a patch of frost on the ground.
Chilling WindSummons a wall of wind to protect the caster, Chilling the player if they move through it. Ranged effects are slowed as they pass through the wall.
FrozenSummons three icy crystals that an area of effect, Chilling players within the radius. After a short time, the crystals explode.
TempestSummons icy spikes around the Elite that pull you towards the monster if you are in their path.

Lightning Affixes

Lightning EnchantedWhen struck, releases small balls and an arc of Lightning to damage the player.
Electrified ObelisksSpawns a Lightning Obelisk that can connect to other obelisks nearby, chaining Lightning between them. Also deals low Lightning damage to players in close range to the Obelisk. Can have up to three Obelisks active at once.
Shock LanceSpawns a Lance - a ball with an attached Lightning arm that spins in place.
TeleporterTeleports around the battlefield, creating a large damaging Lightning field around itself upon landing.

Fire Affixes

Fire EnchantedPeriodically shoots three fireballs in random directions. On death, launches additional three waves of fireballs, then explodes.
ExplosiveSpawns explosive orbs that deal massive Fire damage to players in range.
MortarPeriodically launches four fiery volleys into the air. They land in the highlighted locations, dealing massive Fire damage.

Poison Affixes

Poison EnchantedOn hit, creates a pool of Poison underneath the player. Spawns another pool on death.
PlaguebearerOn death, spawns a Poison bomb that explodes after a few seconds.

Shadow Affixes

Shadow EnchantedSummons a Shadow Clone of itself. It stands still, attacking the player for a few seconds before disappearing.
TerrifyingPeriodically crates two demonic AoE runes on the ground, which activate after a few seconds. If a player is standing in one of them when they activate, the player gets Feared for a few seconds.

Non-Elemental Affixes

HellboundSummons totems that chain to players within range, slowing them and gradually dragging them towards the totem.
MultishotThe Elite's ranged attacks split into three projectiles.
SummonerSummons two minions to aid the Elite. Can have a total of six minions summoned at once.
SuppressorThe Elite is surrounded by a suppressive dome, preventing ranged attacks and spells.
VampiricAttacks and abilities drain health from the player, granting life leech to the Elite.
WallerThe Elite creates an enclosed wall around the player, trapping them in a corridor. The wall can be broken with Skills.
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