Diablo 4 Prime Gaming: Brackish Fetch Mount Available in July

Diablo 4 have extended their partnership with Twitch Prime Gaming, which means that a bunch of new rewards are coming our way!

Diablo 4 have extended their partnership with Twitch Prime Gaming, which means that a bunch of additional rewards are coming to all the Prime users!

On July 6th, all the Prime subscribers will be able to log in and claim some awesome cosmetics, including a new horse armor for their mount. But what's even better news, Prime Gaming rotates its offerings on a monthly basis! It means Diablo fans can expect to get more regular drops and cometics through Twitch.

Continue reading to learn what rewards are coming in July, as well as how to connect your Twitch and Diablo 4 accounts to take advantage of the Prime Gaming campaign. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in Diablo4.gg Discord!

Prime Gaming Rewards in July

According to the Prime Gaming blog, starting July 6th, players will be able to claim the Brackish Fetch Mount Bundle. It is a cosmetic pack valued at 800 Platinum in the Diablo 4 Shop (approximately $7.99 USD), containing:

  • Scales of the Dead Sea Horse Armor;

You CAN outrun the tide.

Hunters of the Drowned along the coast of Scoscglen drape their mounts in elements befitting their duty.

  • Mariner Will & Dead Sea Vessel Back Trophies.

How to Claim Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Rewards

To receive a drop, make sure that you have the Prime Gaming subscription. Next, you want to link your Battle.net account with Twitch. In the Battle.net account settings, go to Connections menu and click the Connect link for Twitch, then follow the instructions to sign-in.

After completing the connection, click on the Prime Gaming Loot page here after the campaign launches on July 6th. Check if you're logged in, then find the Diablo 4 category and click 'Claim'. After that, the mount armor and trophies will become available in-game.

Note that the Scale of the Dead Sea Horse Armor is only a cosmetic item that can be applied to your mount at the Stables in a city. You will still need to separately unlock the Mount functionality by progressing through the campaign. Click here to learn how to unlock a mount in Diablo 4.

There is another Twitch campaign going on right now that gives out free rewards. Currently, if you go and watch at least 3 hours of eligible Diablo IV streamers you will receive the exclusive Twitch Drop cosmetics.

This week, you can claim Azurehand Head-Cleaver weapon recolor as well as Font of the Mother Back Trophy for Druid. Next week, starting from June 26, you will be able to get Azurehand Skull-Crusher weapon cosmetic and a Matriarch’s Mantle Back Trophy for Barbarian.

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