Diablo 4 Post-Credits Scenes Hint at What’s Coming Next

Newly discovered cut-scenes after the Diablo 4 ending cinematic provide some intriguing leads about the game's main story.

Several content creators and players have reported that Diablo 4 contains 'secret cut-scenes' after the ending cinematic. They are very short and obscure in meaning, but still give some hints at what's coming next for Diablo 4 campaign.

Over the past couple of days, several users on Reddit and YouTube have been publishing and discussing their findings. The dataminers have soon joined their efforts, finding a total of four different cut-scenes hidden in the game files.

Continue reading below to learn all about the recent dicoveries. However, the sections below do contain some spoilers for the campaign! If you did not finish the Diablo 4 main story yet, please proceed at your own discretion.

Secret Cut-Scene Images

All the scenes are just one-second short snapshots of these static images:

They have a chance to appear after the long end-credits sequence after the player finishes the campaign. Since most players have not watched the credits to the end, the existence of the hidden scenes remained a mystery for several weeks after Diablo 4 release - until recent discoveries.

What Do They Mean?

Diablo 4 campaign story ends with the player defeating Lilith while the young horadrim Neyrelle captures the Prime Evil Mephisto in a Soulstone. As shown in the Diablo 4 ending cinematic, the horadrim prodigy then leaves the group to embark on a solo adventure across the seas. Meanwhile, Mephisto stays in his Soulstone prison, his fate uncertain.

At least two of the cutscenes above (the first one and the second) clearly show Mephisto, who looks like he is unleashed from captivity. It seems very likely that one of the future Diablo 4 expansions will be centered around the Lord of Hatred himself and his current captor, Neyrelle.

However, the two other images do show someone other than Mephisto. Some speculate that it is Diablo, Lord of Terror. Meanwhile, others believe it might be Lucion, Mephisto's son and Lilith's brother.

Lucion is the ill-begotten son of Mephisto. Unlike his sister, Lilith, he served his father without question (or, at least, appeared to do so). At the behest of the Prime Evils, Lucion came to the world of Sanctuary and forged the Triune, a seemingly benevolent cult that, in reality, aimed to turn the hearts of mankind to darkness. Mephisto's son then took on the role of the cult's spiritual leader, calling himself the Primus.

It should be noted that Lucion assumed a mortal guise for this task. Indeed, the Books of Kalan describe him as a charismatic and wise man with a voice so soothing it bordered on the hypnotic. Only later, when the nephalem Uldyssian ul-Diomed and his followers assaulted the Triune, did Lucion reveal his true demonic form. Yet even the demon's immense powers could not withstand the might of the nephalem army.

Diablo III: Book of Tyrael

Besides the passage above, not much is known about the demon - Lucion is yet to appear in Diablo games himself. Additionally, we have recently heard about this Lesser Evil in the Book of Lorath series.

Could it be that we will soon get to fight Lucion? Also, what do you think Mephisto and Neyrelle are planning? Let us know in the comments below, or stop by our Discord to discuss!

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