Helltides contain Diablo 4 mystery chest locations

Helltides Farming Guide: Mystery Chest Locations

Tortured Gifts of Mysteries are the best source of Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4 - find them all with this map of mystery chest locations.

Tortured Gifts of Mysteries - simply referred to as 'mystery chests' - are one of the most generous loot caches you can encounter in the game. In Diablo 4, they appear during Helltide events, and the mystery chest locations are actually not at all random.

The chests appear in fixed spots that rotate between different Helltide events. If you want a handy guide for all the possible mystery chest locations - you've come to the right place.

In this article, you'll find a detailed map of mystery chests, as sourced by the amazing Diablo 4 Reddit community. In addition, you'll learn all about the loot found in Tortured Gifts of Mysteries, as well as some tips on how to efficiently farm them.

Diablo 4 Mystery Chest Locations

Diablo 4 Mystery Chest Locations

In Diablo 4, four possible mystery chest locations exist in each of these regions: Fractured Peaks, Hawezar, Dry Steppes, and Scosglen. Kehjistan has a total of ten Mystery Chest spawn locations.

When a Helltide event starts in a region, two of its possible locations will contain a chest (in case of Kehjistan - three). Then, if a Helltide event is still active when the next hour rolls over, the previous chests will despawn and new chests in new locations will become available.

For example, if a Helltide is active from 5:15 PM to 6:15 PM, the chests will reset and locations will change at exactly 2:00 PM. It means that during a single Helltide event you can open a total of four chests (in case of Kehjistan - six).

However, since a Helltide event lasts one hour exactly, if it started right on the hour, it will have only two mystery chests available for its entire duration (three - for Kehjistan).

Make sure to bookmark the fan-made website helltides.com that shows current mystery chest locations in real time as reported by players.

Helltides contain Diablo 4 mystery chest locations

Helltide Chests Farming Tips

Helltides are temporary end-game events that happen in one of the regions of Sanctuary once you reach World Tier 3. If a Helltide occupies a certain zone, players have 60 minutes to collect Aberrant Cinders. It is a special temporary currency that drops from killing Helltide monsters.

With Aberrant Cinders, players can open Tortured Gift Chests that spawn all over the Helltide zone. The costs vary: 75 (Armor and Rings), 125 (Amulets and One-Handed/Off-Hand Weapons), 150 (Two-Handed Weapons), or 175 (Mystery Chests).

Mystery Chests have a chance to drop between 2 to 5 Legendary items, including Sacred Legendaries in World Tier 3 and Ancestral Legendaries in World Tier 4. Unlike other Tortured Gifts chests, these chests do not show up on the map until you are near them.

It's particularly important in Daiblo 4 to learn all the mystery chests locations because they are the most reliant way to farm Forgotten Souls. These are the rare crafting material used to reroll affixes on Sacred and Ancestral items.

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