diablo 4 leak - world tier 5 and gems

Diablo 4 Leak: World Tier 5 and Perfect Gems

According to the Diablo 4 leak info released by by DataMineARPG, the new World Tier and more gem qualities are coming to the game!

According to the datamined Diablo 4 leak information, we will soon see the introduction of the new World Tier, as well as the addition of more gem qualities into the game. This data has been recently released by DataMineARPG.

Continue reading below to learn all about the exciting news. However, keep in mind that datamined info does not reflect the final product. The content teased here might not actually make it into the game.

That said, DataMineARPG proved to be a very reliable source of information in the past, in particular with their work on Diablo Immortal files. If you'd like to show them your support, please visit their Ko-Fi page.

diablo 4 leak - world tier 5

Diablo 4 World Tier 5 Leak

Above, you can find the datamined artwork for Tier 5 difficulty. DataMineARPG also clarified that the name of the World Tier is currently unknown. There is also no data available for rewards, additional content and monster modifiers that will come with this difficulty.

The dataminers have also found a placeholder for the new Capstone Dungeon marker. It is in Fractured Peaks and will unlock the World Tier 5.

In Diablo 4 World Tiers are the difficulty levels that the players unlock as they progress. They provide an increasingly challenging gameplay experience, and also modify the rewards received via currency, experience multipliers, or by unlocking new loot.

At launch, there are four World Tiers: Adventurer, Veteran, Nightmare, and Torment.

The first two – Adventurer and Veteran – are unlocked right at the start. The third and fourth World Tiers – Nightmare and Torment – are unlocked after the campaign. You need to complete Capstone Dungeons on World Tiers 2 and 3 respectively to raise your World Tier.

diablo 4 leak - new gems

New Qualities of Gems

The second part of the valuable info provided in this recent Diablo 4 leak is the addition of three new tiers of gem quality.

The two highest qualities are called 'Magnificent' (rank 7 quality) and 'Perfect' (rank 8). The dataminers have not been able to find the name for the rank 6 quality.

The specific stat numbers for gems of Rank 6-8 is not yet available in the game files, but DataMineARPG made some predictions based on the patterns of existing gem qualities.

In Diablo 4, gems can be applied to your gear to increase defensive or offensive stats, depending on the gear slot you apply them to. You’ll find gem sockets on your armor, jewelry, and weapons.

Gems can be found in the open world as loot drops, and they can be combined at the Jeweler to create more powerful quality versions. Currently there are five gem qualities that exist in the game: Crude, Chipped, Standard, Flawless, and Royal. Three gems of one quality can be crafted into a single gem that is one quality tier higher.

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