Experience sources, buffs, and leveling up tips found here.


Experience is gained from defeated mobs, elites and bosses. the amount of experience gained can be amplified by consuming crafted potions from the Alchemist, lighting up campfires and being in a party/being nearby other players.

World Tier

Higher World Tiers increase the amount of experience gained, with the condition of much tougher enemies. The amount of extra experience and difficulty is dependent on which world tier is selected. The bonuses are as listed below:

  • Tier 1: Base EXP
  • Tier 2: 20% More EXP
  • Tier 3: 100% More EXP
  • Tier 4: 200% More EXP


When leveling up, the user emits a shockwave damaging enemies and grants a skill point that can be used on the users skill tree. Enemies scale on the users current level, even if partied or nearby lower leveled players. The only exception to this rule is enemies/zones that have fixed levels.

As levels increases, so does the experience needed to level up. Mobs do give additional experience that scales with their level, however the gap between mob experience gained and leveling requirement becomes much larger, this results in longer leveling times than the previous level.

Party System

Users are able to invite members into their party. Having members in said party increases EXP gain for all members and kill EXP is shared amongst members in the same region. Players who are in different instances such as inside dungeon, do not contribute EXP for players who are outside said dungeon. EXP gain does not account for damage contribution and users are able to gain EXP without damaging mobs that are killed by other members in the party.

Experience Buff Sources

  • Any crafted elixir from the Alchemist, 5% EXP for 30 minutes.
  • Lighting Campfires gives a 15x stacking exp buff (1% each stack).
  • Having nearby players; have members in party; being nearby party members give 10% EXP instead of 5%.
  • all EXP buffs listed above is additive, not multiplicative of each other.


Players can simply Farm dungeons nearby waypoints with merchants nearby. Doing so enables the ability to quickly sell/salvage loot. Dungeons can immediately be reset after being cleared, doing so teleports the Player outside. The Player may choose between re-entering the dungeon or teleporting to the nearest waypoint to sell the items looted. You can easily take the waypoint portal back, which teleports you to the entrance of the last visited Dungeon.

Note: the portal teleports you to the most recent place you've teleported from OR the last instance you've visited

Level Difference

Killing mobs with level gaps either provide bonus EXP or Penalized EXP, depending if the Player is above or below the enemy level. Although enemies do scale on Player's level, there are still fixed level zones. We are experimenting the exact % of gained/penalized amount as of right now.