All you need to know about the alchemist in one article!


When the user reaches level 10, a priority quest is given to go see the Alchemist in Kyovashad. We are then task to upgrade our potion at the cost of 8 Gallowvine. The Alchemist allows the user to either upgrade healing potions, craft elixirs, craft Incenses and refine resources.

Healing Potion

Upgrading the healing potion always increases the base Life. The % HP recovered from drinking the pots are not shown to increase throughout all the levels. The resources to upgrade HP potions is found throughout the world map in the overworld, and certain monster drops.

Tiny Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 10
Gallowvine x8
250 Gold
Heals 48 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.
Minor Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 20
Gallowvine x15
Biteberry x5
400 Gold
Heals 80 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.
Light Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 30
Gallowvine x20
Biteberry x10
Crushed Beast Bones x5
470 Gold
Heals 141 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.
Moderate Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 45
Gallowvine x20
Howler Moss x12
Demon's Heart x5
900 Gold
Heals 255 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.
Strong Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 60
Gallowvine x27
Reddamine x15
Paletongue x5
1,700 Gold
Heals 378 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.
Greater Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 70
Blightshade x36
Lifesbane x18
Grave Dust x5
Angelbreath x5
2,500 Gold
Heals 559 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.
Major Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 80
Angelbreath x10
Reddamine x27
Biteberry x27
Blightshade x27
Lifesbane x27
Howler Moss x27
Fiend Rose x5
5,000 Gold
Heals 827 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.
Superior Healing Potion
Player Level Required: 90
Forgotten Soul x10
Angelbreath x20
Fiend Rose x10
Grave Dust x20
Blightshade x36
Demon's Heart x20
Howler Moss x36
12,500 Gold
Heals 1274 Life Instantly and 35% Life over seconds.


Elixirs give certain buffs depending on what is crafted. The most notable buff that is consistent between all the potions is 5% exp gained for 30 minutes which is great if the user wants to level up slightly faster. Elixir effects do not stack, consuming another elixir will replace previous effects and dying does not affect the timer.

Weak Crushing Elixir
Requires Level 25 to Consume
Gallowvine x12
Howler Moss x4
1,000 Gold
Increases Overpower damage by 20% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Assault Elixir
Requires Level 20 to Consume
Gallowvine x12
Lifesbane x6
1,000 Gold
Increases Attack Speed by 7% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Elixir of Cold Resistance
Requires Level 15 to Consume
Gallowvine x10
Biteberry x6
1,000 Gold
Increases Cold Resist by 15% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Elixir of Fire Resistance
Requires Level 15 to Consume
Gallowvine x10
Lifesbane x6
1,000 Gold
Increases Fire Resist by 15% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Elixir of Lightning Resistance
Requires Level 20 to Consume
Gallowvine x10
Reddamine x6
1,000 Gold
Increases Lightning Resist by 15% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Elixir of Poison Resistance
Requires Level 15 to Consume
Gallowvine x10
Howler Moss x6
1,000 Gold
Increases Poison Resist by 15% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Elixir of Shadow Resistance
Requires Level 15 to Consume
Gallowvine x10
Blightshade x6
1,000 Gold
Increases Shadow Resist by 15% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Third Eye Elixir
Requires Level 10 to Consume
Gallowvine x8
Howler Moss x5
1,000 Gold
Increases Dodge by 5% and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.
Weak Iron Barb Elixir
Requires Level 5 to Consume
Gallowvine x5
Biteberry x5
1,000 Gold
Increases Armor by 50, Thorns by 25, and Experience by 5% for 30 minutes.

Refining Resources

This service from the Alchemist allows the user to convert resources into higher rarities of selected type of material. This allows the user to squeeze in some cope materials if needed if the user does have surplus amount of resources of the same type.

Silver OreIron Chunk x10
200 Gold
LifesbaneGallowvine x5
200 Gold
BlightshadeGallowvine x5
200 Gold
BiteberryGallowvine x5
200 Gold
ReddamineGallowvine x5
200 Gold
Howler MossGallowvine x5
200 Gold
GallowvineReddamine x1
OR Biteberry x1
OR Blightshade x1
OR Lifesbane x1
OR Howler Moss x1
200 Gold
Superior LeatherRawhide x5
200 Gold