Jeweler Overview: Gems, Sockets, and Upgrading Items


Kratia the Jeweler is an important NPC found in Kyovashad that allows players to Craft Gems to socket into their equipment, Unsocket Gems to store or craft gems for future use, Add Sockets to equipment or Upgrade items (Amulet and Rings) to increase the stat bonuses they provide.


The Jeweler is unlocked by completing a Priority Quest, which is added to your list at level 20. The quest requires you to visit the Jeweler and craft a Chipped Ruby by using 3 Crude Rubies, which are provided for free.

Gem Types and Buffs

Gem TypesCrudeChipped
AmethystWeapon: +4.0% Damage Over Time Armor: 6.6% Damage Over Time Reduction Jewelry: 11.5% Shadow ResistanceWeapon: +5.0% Damage Over Time Armor: 8.2% Damage Over Time Reduction Jewelry: 14.3% Shadow Resistance
EmeraldWeapon: +6.7% Damage to Elites Armor: +19 Thorns Jewelry: 11.5% Poison ResistanceWeapon: +8.3% Damage to Elites Armor: +39 Thorns Jewelry: 14.3% Poison Resistance
RubyWeapon: +6% Resource Generation Armor: +5% Life Jewelry: 11.5% Fire ResistanceWeapon: +7% Resource Generation Armor: +6% Life Jewelry: 14.3% Fire Resistance
TopazWeapon: +3.0% Lucky Hit Chance Armor: 6.6% Damage Reduction While Control Impaired Jewelry: 11.5% Lightning ResistanceWeapon: +4.0% Lucky Hit Chance Armor: 8.2% Damage Reduction While Control Impaired Jewelry: 14.3% Lightning Resistance
SapphireWeapon: +6.0% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies Armor: 4.0% Damage Reduction While Fortified Jewelry: 11.5% Cold ResistanceWeapon: +7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies Armor: 5.0% Damage Reduction While Fortified Jewelry: 14.3% Cold Resistance
DiamondWeapon: +4.0% Ultimate damage Armor: +4.0% Barrier Potency Jewelry: 4.0% Resistance to All ElementsWeapon: +5.0% Ultimate damage Armor: +5.0% Barrier Potency Jewelry: 5.0% Resistance to All Elements
SkullWeapon: +6 Life On Kill Armor: +4% Healing Received Jewelry: +100 ArmorWeapon: +13 Life On Kill Armor: +5% Healing Received Jewelry: +170 Armor

Craft Gems

As you continue to play the game, you will eventually be able to obtain gems which are a random drop from enemies. When you have stockpiled enough gems remember to visit the Jeweler to craft higher tier gems.

Crafting gems will cost  gold and 3 of the lower rarity gems which is consistent between each rarity. After a gem has been crafted/upgraded it will increase the base stats provided. It is also important to note that when a gem is upgraded the level requirement also increases.


As you progress through the game you may want to change skill or item builds, which may require you to change or upgrade your gems. The Jeweler allows you to unsocket gems that have been placed in your equipment, doing so will return the gem to your inventory and reopens an empty socket to place a new gem.

Note: Unsocketing a gem cost gold, the gold cost scales/increases depending on item power.

To unsocket an item players must click on the icon highlighted on the image below, then select an item with a socketed gem.

Add Socket

If you happen to find a piece of equipment which does not have a socket, you may visit the Jeweler to add a socket to that item. Adding a socket to an item costs gold and a rare resource called Scattered Prism which has a chance to drop from World Bosses, due to the scarcity of this material we recommend only adding a socket to gear with a good Aspect and Affixes.

The list below shows how many sockets a piece of equipment can have.

  • Helm = 1 Socket
  • Chest = 2 Socket
  • Pants = 2 Socket
  • Amulet = 1 Socket
  • Ring = 1 Socket
  • 1 Handed Weapon = 1 Socket
  • 2 Handed Weapon = 2 Socket
  • Bow = 2 Socket
  • Focus = 1 Socket

Upgrade Item

Jewelry such as Amulets and Rings can be upgraded to increase its base stat resistances and affixes.


  • Legendary Items can be upgraded 4 times, while Rare items can be upgraded 3 times
  • We recommend not upgrading low rarity jewelry (Common and Magic), as Rare and Legendary jewelry have more affix slots.
  • Abstruse Sigils are required for the final upgrade of a Legendary jewelry and can be obtained by salvaging Legendary jewelry
Item levelMaterial Cost
  1. Iron Chunks x5
  2. Iron Chunks x5 + Silver Ore x4
  3. Iron Chunks x8 + Silver Ore x6 + Veiled Crystals x4
  4. Iron Chunks x12 + Silver Ore x7 + Veiled Crystals x8 + Abstruse Sigil x2
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