Shrines Overview


Shrines are interactable objects that can be found scattered around the map and randomly spawn in dungeons. These can provide players with buffs of varying effects or trigger an event that when completed, grants players with a Radiant chest and a random Shrine buff.


Shrine Buffs

Buff NameEffect
Artillery ShrineYour attack speed is increased, and each cast summons holy arrows. 
+200% Attack Speed increase
Note: Conjurations from Sorcerer also trigger this Shrine’s effect.
Channeling ShrineYour Skills cost no Resource and have lower Cooldowns. 
+40% Cooldown Reduction
All skills cost 0 resource
Conduit ShrineYou can shock and surge through enemies. 
All your skills are changed into a short ranged teleport that deals damage to enemies.
Damage dealt is considered Lightning DamageDamage scales off your weapon DPS
Lethal ShrineAll of your Skills deal bonus damage and Critically Strike. 
All skills are Critical Strikes (DOT effects and skills are not affected)
+35% Critical Strike Damage
Greed ShrineEnemies drop gold when hit, and you automatically pick up gold from farther away. 
Gold gained scales with difficulty
Usecase: Gather enemies to the shrine before activating its effect.
Blast Wave ShrineYou periodically explode, Overpowering enemies around you. 
Explosion happens every 3 seconds
Usecase: Stay in range of enemies when its effect is about to activate.
Protection ShrineYou are Invulnerable and Unstoppable. 
Cannot be affected with CC effects
Cursed Shrines Cursed Shrines are shrines that start an event when used, these shrines have an objective the player must complete to gain a Shrine Buff and Chest.
Slay the remaining enemies
Slay as many enemy waves as you can before time runs out.
Defeat (number) waves.
Note: If the objective is completed the Shrine guarantees a Radiant Chest.


  • All shrine buffs last for 30 seconds and provide a 35% Movement Speed bonus (Movement Speed buff stacks with other sources). 
  • Shrines are individual buffs and have to be activated by each player in the party.
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