Blacksmith Overview: Salvaging, Repairing, and Upgrading Items


The Blacksmith is an important NPC that can be found in Kyovashad and other towns. The Blacksmith allows you to Salvage useless/lower tier items obtained from exploring the world or dungeons, Repair damaged or broken gear, and Upgrade items to give a stat boost to help with your playthrough.


  • A priority quest is given to the player at level 10 which prompts them to visit the Blacksmith.
  • Salvaging equipment provides you with materials used to upgrade your equipment.
  • Upon death items lose 10% of its durability, this can be repaired at the Blacksmith.
  • Upgrading items increases both base stats and affix lines on an equipment.


After reaching Character Level 10 you will be automatically given a Priority Quest to visit the Blacksmith Zivek in Kyovashad. To complete the priority quest you will have to upgrade one of your items, doing so will reward you with experience. After completing the quest Blacksmiths can be found in various locations such as towns, strongholds and outposts.


During the course of your playthrough, your inventory will eventually fill up after exploring the world map and completing dungeons; the Blacksmith allows you to turn useless items into materials used to upgrade your gear. Materials obtained from salvaging vary depending on the rarity of the item, such as Iron Chunks, Silver Ore, Veiled Crystals, etc.

The table below lists materials that can be obtained from salvaging. 

Note: It is possible to obtain materials from the previous rarity.

Item TypeMaterials
Common WeaponIron Chunk
Magic WeaponSilver Ore
Rare WeaponVeiled Crystals
Legendary WeaponBaleful Fragment
Common ArmorRawhide
Magic ArmorSuperior Leather
Rare ArmorVeiled Crystals
Legendary ArmorCoiling Ward
Common JewelryIron Chunk
Magic JewelrySilver Ore (Unsure)
Rare JewelryVeiled Crystals
Legendary JewelryAbstruse Sigils

You may salvage items by their rarity/quality or selectively salvage items directly from your inventory. You can also select items to be categorized as “Junk”, doing so will allow you to select “All Junk” which salvages all items you have selected as junk (the same restrictions still apply as listed in notes).

Note: Items with a quality/rarity of Legendary and Unique will have to be manually salvaged, this also includes items that have been modified (socketed and enchanted).



During the course of your playthrough, your character will eventually die. When this happens, your equipment (Weapons and Armor) will lose 10% of its durability. If your durability reaches 0 your equipment will incur a penalty (Item Affixes are disabled) this makes your equipment significantly weaker, we recommend repairing your equipment before this happens. You may also choose to repair items directly from your inventory.

The gold cost to repair scales with Item Power and also increases for every 10% durability lost.


Upgrade Item

Eventually, as you progress through the game, you will hit a wall or have difficulty progressing through certain content such as Dungeons. When this happens we recommend visiting the Blacksmith to upgrade your equipment. Upgrading your equipment increases its base stats and affixes. This is important as alot of the affixes found on gear provide bonus damage multipliers such as vulnerable, overpower, damage to close or distant enemies, etc. The number of times an item can be upgraded depends on its quality/rarity.

The table below shows the materials required to upgrade.

Item LevelMaterial Cost
1Iron chunks
2Iron chunks + Silver Ore
3Iron Chunks + Silver ore + Veiled Crystals 
4Iron Chunks + Silver ore + Veiled Crystals + Baleful Fragment (Weapon)/Coiling Ward (Armor)
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