Druid Open Beta Pulverize Build

Video Showcase


Skill Tree

Enhanced Wind Shear
Wind Shear has a 20% chance to make
enemies Vulnerable for 4 seconds.

Wild Wind Shear
Wind Shear grants 3 additional Spirit for
each enemy hit beyond the first.

Enhanced Pulverize
Your next Pulverize wil Overpower every 10
seconds while you remain Healthy.

Raging Pulverize
Enemies are Stunned for 2 seconds when
they are Overpowered with Pulverize.

Heart of the Wild
Maximum Spirit is increased by 3.

Basic Skills generate 30% more Spirit.

Wild Impulses
Your Core Skills cost 15% more Spirit but
deal 30% increased damage.

The core part of this build, Pulverize with aspects listed above becomes an AoE machine. Can wipe out rooms in a instant if the player has enough damage to do so.

Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
Earthen Bulwark makes you Unstoppable
while active.

Enhanced Debilitating Roar
Debilitating Roar also Fortifies you for 22%

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to greatly improve survivability with the addition of fortify, which increases pulverize damage when empowered.

Companions not really needed.

Enhanced Trample
Trample deals 30% bonus damage. This
bonus is reduced by 15% for each enemy
hit after the first.

Natural Trample
Casting Trample grants 20% Base Life
as Fortify.

More fortified health, with the addition of an escape/mobility option

Prime Petrify
Petrify's effect durations are increased by 1

Supreme Petrify
Killing an enemy affected by Petrify grants
25 Spirit.


  • Really good AoE clear
  • Constant Fortified health which increase damage of empowered hits
  • Constant Empowered hits in 10s intervals assuming in healthy condition
  • Bear go Slammy slam


  • Weak against bosses
  • Rather low ST damage
  • Main Resource reliant