Barbarian Whirlwind Build

Video Showcase


Ring that gives empowered can be replaced with the aspect that gives CD reduction to shouts per mob hit. Really strong option for this build that I unfortunately could not get myself.

Enhanced Bash
Damaging a Stunned enemy with Bash
grants you 5% Base Life (21) as Fortify.
Double this amount when using a Two-
Handed weapon.

I simply like using bash. Players can change this to what they prefer.

Enhanced Whirlwind
Gain 1 Fury each time Whirlwind deals
direct damage to an enemy, or 3 Fury
against Elite enemies.

Violent Whirlwind
After using Whirlwind for 2 seconds,
Whirlwind deals 30% increased damage
until it is cancelled.

Main part of the build, spin to win. The build relies on getting max stacks on the aspect that gives extra core skill damage on overflowing fury, and extra core skill damage per basic attack, then channeling Whirlwind. The buffs snap-shots (Meaning, the buff will be applied until channeling of whirlwind is stopped), which in turns, make whirlwind a very strong AoE clearing tool.

Enhanced Rallying Cry
Rallying Cry grants you Unstoppable while

Tactical Rallying Cry
Rallying Cry generates 25 Fury and grants
you an additional 50% Resource

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to help energy generation and to give additional movement speed.

Enhanced War Cry
War Cry grants you Berserking for 4

RANK 3/3
Movement Speed is increased by 12%.

Booming Voice
RANK 3/3
Your Shout Skill effect durations are
increased by 30%.

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to maintain the shout buffs for longer, with the additional movement speed and damage buffs to clear rooms faster.

Enhanced Death Blow
Death Blow deals 100% increased damage
to Bosses.

Fighter's Death Blow
If Death Blow damages at least one
enemy, gain 20 Fury.

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to be able to still do damage when your fury is low, keeping consistent damage assuming dealing finishing blow to trash mobs, while gaining fury.

Prime Call of the Ancients
While Cal of the Ancients is active, gain
10% bonus Attack Speed and 10%
increased damage.

Supreme Call of the Ancients
Each of the Ancients gains additional
Korlic: You gain 10 Fury each time Korlic
damages an enemy with his Frenzy.
Talic: Enemies are Slowed by 50% for 1
second when damaged by his Whirlwind.
Madawc: 30% chance to Stun enemies for 3
seconds when using his Upheaval.

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to gain even more damage and fury if needed.


  • Great consistent AoE Clear
  • Great for farming dungeons
  • High movement speed
  • Spiiiiiin


  • Low survivability compared to other build if mobs can live through whirlwind
  • Mediocre ST damage