Barbarian Open Beta Build

A very hard hitting early Barbarian build! Check it out here.


This build solely depends on having maximum Fury + Surplus to be able to do tremendous damage. This can be easily managed with some skills the barbarian has in their kit.


Some aspects such as boots and gloves can be replaced to your preferred liking. Gems can also be replaced to (Increased Crit damage against Vulnerable Targets). It is not seen as such in the Pictures shown above as different builds were being tested as well.

Important sub-stats for gear is Vulnerable, Close range, Core skill damage and +rank of Hammer of the Ancients.

Skill Tree

Basic Skill

Enhanced Bash
Damaging a Stunned enemy with Bash grants you 5% Base Life as Fortify.
Double this amount when using a Two-Handed weapon.

Combat Bash
After Critically Striking 4 times with Bash using a Two-Handed weapon, your next Core or Weapon Mastery Skill will Overpower.

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to guarantee some Empowered strikes for core/Weapon Mastery Skills with a bonus of gaining fortified health (Which increases damage of Empowered hits). Skill tree gets better with higher crit rate.

Core Skill: Hammer of the Ancients

Hammer of the Ancients
Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients
Gain 3% more Fury for 5 seconds for each enemy damaged by Hammer of the Ancients, stacking up to 10 times.

Furious Hammer of the Ancients
Hammer of the Ancients deals 1% additional damage for each point of Fury you had when using it.

The main part of the build, this build requires Fury management to succeed, the User always wants fury to be maxed out + Surplus Fury per Core skill proc. this can be easily done with skill investments that focus on fury generation. The user wants this skill max'd out

Defensive Skill

Enhanced Ground Stomp:
Increase Ground Stomp's duration by 1

Strategic Ground Stomp:
Reduce the Cooldown of your Ultimate
Skill by 1 second for each enemy damaged
by Ground Stomp.
(Note: user can opt to go for Rallying cry /barrier if wanted, as they still synergize well with the equipment aspects that was posted above, as well as skill trees listed.)

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to reduce ultimate cooldown, Barbarians Ultimate skill does give a lot of DPS. Stomp also gives extra CC if needed.


Aggressive Resistance:
Gain 4% Damage Reduction while Berserking.

Prolific Fury:
While Berserking, Fury Generation is increased by 12%.

War Cry: (Optional)
Can be used for extra team damage for bosses, this skill replaces Stomp.

Leap: (Optional)
If the User wants more mobility instead of more Fury generation, this is the perfect skill to invest into. Replaces Stomp.

The reasoning behind this build is to have more Fury generation during Berserk, as the damage of this build directly correlates to having enough surplus Fury generation to massively buff core skill.

Weapon Mastery

Enhanced Death Blow:
Death Blow deals 100% increased damage to Bosses.

Fighter's Death Blow:
If Death Blow damages at least one enemy, gain 20 Fury.

The reasoning of this part of the build is to deal some extra damage to bosses, extra mobbing, and fury generation when used properly. always use this skill when you are sure the skill is going to kill as the skill will refresh its duration, meaning more fury.

Steel Grasp:
Enhanced Steel Grasp
Steel Grasp also makes enemies Vulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

Fighter's Steel Grasp:
If Steel Grasp damages an enemy, gain Berserking for 2 seconds.

The reasoning of this part of the build is to have a source of crowd control, vulnerability application, and berserk outside Ultimate usage. Very important damage multiplicators, use at the start of engagements to maximize damage.


Prime Wrath of the Berserker:
While Wrath of the Berserker is active, gain 20% increased Movement Speed and increase Fury Generation by 30%.

Supreme Wrath of the Berserker:
While Wrath of the Berserker is active, every 50 Fury you spend increases Berserk's damage bonus by 25%.

The reasoning behind the part of this build is to maximize core skill damage, as no other ultimate skill directly increases core skill damage. Basically permanent uptime of berserker for 10s and more fury generation, which this build gladly accepts.


  • Tremendous damage
  • Boss killer
  • Consistent (Big damage out of Ult)
  • Rewarding


  • Resource management
  • Low mobility (If user does not opt for Leap)
  • No team utility (Besides bringing in damage)
  • Squishier compared to other Barbarian Builds

Video Showcase

This article showcases the build shown here!