Druid Open Beta Earth-Bending Build

Video Showcase


Skill Tree

Enhanced Storm Strike Storm Strike has a 15% chance to Immobilize all enemies hit for 2.6 seconds.

Fierce Storm Strike Storm Strike has a 50% chance to make enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Reasoning for this part of the build is for vulnerability application

Enhanced Landslide:
After Landslide damages enemies 4 times,
the next hit will Immobilize enemies for
x seconds.

Primal Landslide:
When you Immobilize or Stun an enemy,
you gain a Terramote. Each enemy hit by
Landslide consumes a Terramote causing a
guaranteed Critical Strike with 40%
Critical Strike Damage. Bosses always have
up to a 10% chance to grant a Terramote
when hit.

Heart of the Wild
Maximum Spirit is increased by 3.

Basic Skills generate 30% more Spirit.

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to have guaranteed critical hits for every enemy Druid CC's while having good spirit generation.

Enhanced Earthen Bulwark:
Earthen Bulwark makes you Unstoppable
while active.

Preserving Earthen Bulwark:
Casting Earthen Bulwark grants 18% Base
Life (76) as Fortify.

Enhanced Debilitating Roar:
Debilitating Roar also Fortifies you for 22%
Base Life (92).

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to have CC immunity and consistent fortify generation for survivability and damage via aspect on weapon

Enhanced Vine Creeper
Vine Creeper's Immobilize duration is
increased by 1 second.

Ferocious Vine Creeper
Vine Creeper's active Poisoning duration is
increased by 3 seconds.

Call of the Wild
Your companions deal 20% bonus damage.

The reasoning behind this part is to clean up trash mobs in a rather moderate AoE Radius around the Druid As landslide AoE is small and costs a lot of spirit.

Prime Petrify
Petrify's effect durations are increased by 1

Supreme Petrify
Killing an enemy affected by Petrify grants
25 Spirit.

The spicy part of the build. with the Increased CC from aspects, Mobs hit by this move gets stunned for ages. Giving plenty of window to clear all the mobs hit with landslide spam, as spirit gets returned when enemies hit by this move get killed.


  • Good CC
  • Pretty good Single target damage
  • Good survivability


  • Reliant on High CD skill for AoE Clear
  • No mobility moves
  • Not enough CC to stun dungeon bosses as CC increase does not seem to affect petrify's "increased" CC time on bosses on its base skill, locked at 7 seconds despite CC stat increase from aspects and equipment.