Druid Open Beta Werewolf Build

A rather off-meta build, if the user wants to fulfill their dreams to becoming a full fledged werewolf, here's what I have found to work out decently.

Video Showcase


Boots, ring and torso can be replaced with preferred aspects. Preferably the aspect with grizzly rage should be on 2 handed weapon for a huge reduction to spirit cost when casting core skills.

Skill Tree

Enhanced Storm Strike
Storm Strike has a 15% chance to
Immobilize all enemies hit for 2.6 seconds.

Fierce Storm Strike
Storm Strike has a 50% chance to make
enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.

The reasoning behind this part of the build is to have vulnerability application.

Enhanced Shred
Shred gains 30% Attack Speed and Heals
for 2% of your Maximum Life (8) if an
enemy is struck.

Raging Shred
Shred's third combo attack is larger and
applies an additional 308 Poisoning
damage over 5 seconds.

Predatory Instinct
RANK 3/3
Critical Strike Chance against Close
enemies is increased by 9%.

Heart of the Wild
Maximum Spirit is increased by 3.

Basic Skills generate 30% more Spirit.

Wild Im pulses
Your Core Skills cost 15% more Spirit but
deal 30% increased damage.

Druid's main damaging skill in this build. Along with crit rate buffs and core skill buffs to increase the damage further.

Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
Earthen Bulwark makes you Unstoppable
while active.

The reasoning behind this build is to have CC immunity and barrier, extra fortify skill tree can be added if needed/wanted.

Prime Grizzly Rage
You are Unstoppable while Grizzly Rage is

Supreme Grizzly Rage
Gain 8% Base Life (34) as Fortify per
second while Grizzly Rage is active.

Become an angrier Werewolf


  • Consistent Damage
  • pretty good uptime on CC immunity
  • Rabies' Spreading Werewolf


  • No CC
  • Small AoE radius
  • Needs a specific aspect to make this build even accessible.