Sorcerer Overview

Sorcerer Overview

This is an overview of the Sorcerer class in Diablo 4 to help get you started. We outline the strengths, weaknesses, equipment, stats, and some skill build ideas for the beginning of the game.


Sorcerer Overview


  • Lots of AoE: The Sorcerer’s skill tree is mainly centered around dealing AoE damage with skill such as Chain Lightning, Blizzard and Fireball
  • Great Mobility: Blink is a great mobility spell with a low cooldown allowing players to quickly move around the map and ignore terrain.
  • Solid Defensive Skills: The Sorcerer has a variety of useful Defensive options such as Teleport, Ice Armor and Flame Shield.
  • Can deal damage while moving: Summons from Conjuration skills allow players to focus on kiting the enemy while doing damage.


  • Lack of team utility: Most of the Sorcerers skill tree is centered around dealing damage and has minimal team utility.
  • Resource Dependent (Mana): Mana is the main resource used to cast skills, the player is unable to cast skill when it reaches zero. 
  • Crowd Control Immunity: Some enemies such as World bosses are immune to Crowd Control effects.


The Sorcerer can use a 2 Handed Weapon that gives a 100% Aspect bonus when imprinted or a 1 Handed Weapon + Focus that allows both items to have two different Aspects.

The choice of whether to use a 2 Handed Weapon or 1 Handed Weapon + Focus Aspect will depend on the player’s choice of build, as a 1 Handed Weapon + Focus allows for more flexibility if more Legendary Aspects are required in the build.

Sorcerer Equipment Slots:

  • Helm
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Amulet
  • Ring x2 
  • 2 Handed Weapon
  • 1 Handed Weapon + Focus


Intelligence is the primary choice of a core stat for the Sorcerer as it provides a boost to skill damage multiplier and resistance to all elements. Both Willpower and Dexterity are a good secondary core stat to focus on as Willpower increases resource generations (Mana), improves healing received, and overpower damage, while Dexterity increases critical strike chance and dodge chance. We do not recommend investing any affixes/stat lines into Strength as it only provides a minor boost to armor.

Core stats summary and priority:

  • Strength (Low Priority): Armor 
  • Intelligence (High Priority): Skill Damage, Resistance to All Element
  • Willpower (Medium Priority): Resource Generation, Healing Received, Overpower Damage
  • Dexterity (Medium Priority): Critical Strike Chance, Dodge Chance

Skill Build Ideas

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