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Keeping the Old Traditions Side Quest Guide

Keeping the Old Traditions is one of the most confusing side quests in Diablo 4. To complete it, you'll need to up your emote game!

Keeping the Old Traditions is one of the most confusing side quests in Diablo 4. The game doesn't hold your hand through the entirety of it, and many new players get stuck at a certain point, not knowing what to do.

If this is exactly the situation you've found yourself in - you've come to the right place! In this article, you'll find all you need to complete this side quest, including tips on where to pick up this quest, quest objectives, requirements and more.

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Quest Location

In the Dry Steppes Region, go to the northeast of Jirandai settlement. North of the Champion's Demise dungeon, there lies the Valley of the Strayed - a huge sandstone cemetery that is a final resting place for thousands of the dead.

On one of the graves, you'll find an interactable object called 'Lonely Offering'. Click on it to get a mysterious message:

“Though timeworn, you endure. Before your colorful, kin, I say: Yes, I keep our traditions!”

The quest will now appear in your journal. Track it and follow the marker down the hill into the valley to the west. There, in an alcove in the wall, you'll find a large shrine - this is the ancient statue you want to pay respects to.

Emote Riddle

Now this is the part where most players get stuck. It's not immediately obvious based off the quest hint what exactly do you need to do.

To complete the quest you'll have to use an emote next to the statue. Remember - the note from the cemetery asked you to proclaim 'Yes, I keep our traditions!'. Thus, the exact emote you need to use is 'Yes'.

You may not have the 'Yes' emote bound on your wheel. If so, click 'Customize' button at the bottom of the emote interface and add it to the layout manually.

Once you emote at the statue, a hidden chest will appear to the right. Open the chest to earn the reward - a cache of a few Elixirs, but most importantly, Renown progress towards Dry Steppes region!

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