Crushed Beast Bones: What Are They and Where to Farm?

You'll need Crushed Beast Bones to upgrade your Healing potion in Diablo 4. Learn how you can farm them easily!

Crushed Beast Bones is a fairly uncommon material that you need to upgrade your Healing potion in Diablo 4.

The game doesn't tell you where it can be found specifically, so new players often get stuck searching for this specific drop all over the map.

If this is the kind of situation you've found yourself in - do not worry! In this FAQ we'll cover everything you need know about where to farm Crushed Beast Bones.

crushed beast bones diablo 4

Crushed Beast Bones Use

Crushed Beast Bones is a Magic Crafting Material in Diablo 4. It can drop as loot from killing beasts, animals, and werecreatures in the world of Sanctuary.

Upon reaching level 30, players get an access to the Light Healing Potion Upgrade at the Alchemist in the City of Kyovashad. This Upgrade requires the player to spend a total of 470 Gold, plus 20 Gallowvine, 10 Biteberry, and 5 Crushed Beast Bones.

By this point you should've gathered plenty of those other needed resources just by picking them up as you go. However, when it comes to the Crushed Beast Bones, this is likely the first time when you have encountered the need for them.

Light Healing Potion is almost twice as effective as its previous-tier analog - Minor Helaing Potion. You definitely want to grab that upgrade as soon as possible.

Also, keep in mind that the potion upgrades aren't shared among characters in the same account. So if you want to play several classes, you'll have to farm even more Crushed Beast Bones.

Where to Farm Crushed Beast Bones

The easiest way to reliably farm Crushed Beast Bones is by killing two specific Elite monsters in Diablo 4: Gaspar Stilbian and Blind Odwyn.

Both of these drop five Crushed Beast Bones each, but Gaspar Stilbian is the easier encounter. This fight is the best option to choose for less experienced players.

Gaspar Stilbian is Level 35 and he can be found in the Scosglen region, west of the Whispering Pines dungeon. Gaspar won't attack you as you're hitting him. However, it's important to get rid of the demons that are in front of him. It doesn't take too long for him to respawn, so you can just wait if you need more material.

Another source of the Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4 is the Blind Odwyn Elite. You can also find him in Scogsglen, but in the southeast of The Blood Vale area. Keep in mind that he's a more challenging enemy to fight than Gaspar. Not only he does hit you back, but also summons demons to assist himself.

Of course, these two Elites are not the only source of Crushed Beast Bones in the game. You can also get them by killing random beasts and werecreatures. However, in those cases, the drop rates are lower and not as predictable.

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