Diablo 4 Dev Stream

Diablo 4 Dev Update: Nightmare Dungeon Buffs, Renown Changes and More

The Diablo 4 dev stream revealed a bunch of impactful changes coming to the game in the nearest future, as well as in Seasons 1 and 2.

The Diablo 4 dev stream revealed a bunch of impactful changes coming to the game in the future. These will include the rebalancing of Nightmare Dungeons to make them more rewarding, softening some pain points around Renown, and more.

Some of the changes discussed in the Diablo 4 dev stream will come in the next couple of weeks being a part of sheduled hotfixes. However, other updates mentioned will require more time and launch in Season 1 and Season 2.

Check out the video below to watch the full version of the Campfire Chat with Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson, Game Director Joe Shely, Associate Production Director Tiffany Wat, and Associate Director of Community Adam Fletcher.

Continue reading in you want to get a short summary of all the update mentioned in the Diablo 4 dev stream. Make sure to stop by Diablo4.gg Discord to discuss al things Diablo 4!

Nightmare Dungeon Buffs

  • Nightmare Dungeons will reward more experience.
  • Nightmare Dungeon Sigils will now act as a fast travel item that will immediately take players to the chosen Nightmare Dungeon on use.
  • A Nightmare Dungeon Sigil will be able to be used immediately after the last Nightmare Dungeon has been completed.
  • These changes are planned to release before Season 1.

Renown Changes

  • The team is reevaluating what Renown systems will need to be repeated as a part of new Seasons.
  • The portion of the map that has been discovered in the Eternal Realm will remain discovered in Seasonal Realms. The Renown associated with these explorable areas will also be rewarded automatically to each new character.
  • Similarly, Altars of Lilith that have been previously discovered will remain discovered on future characters. The Renown associated with these Altars will also be earned automatically for all new characters.

Resistances Change

  • Changes will be made to how Resistances are adjusted in higher World Tiers. This change is intended to make Resistance stats more desirable. This change is planned for Season 2.
  • The team has acknowledged that Resistances have been weaker compared to other damage mitigation stats, and they want Resistances to feel more significant.

Inventory Management and Gems

  • Starting in Season 2, Gems will be included in the Materials tab.
  • Material cap limits will be increased. This change will occur before Season 1.

Disconnect Protection in Hardcore

  • The team acknowledges that there have been issues with characters dying when they should be invulnerable or during loading screens. These issues are being investigated and should be resolved soon.
  • If a player has The Scroll of Escape in their inventory when they disconnect, the game will consume the Scroll and safely teleport the player to town. This change is planned for Season 2.

Loot Bugs

  • Druids will have their loot tables fixed so that they see more Unique drops that are intended for their class. This issue will be resolved before Season 1.
  • World Boss Caches in World Tier 4 have required players to be level 80 in order to open. This will be changed as a part of the upcoming patch so that players will be able to open their earned Caches.
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