Echo of Varshan Boss Guide

The new villain threatens Diablo 4 - Varshan the Consumed, and his Boss fight - Echo of Varshan - is available as part of endgame.

In the Season of the Malignant a new villain was added to Diablo 4 - Varshan the Consumed, and the repeatable boss fight featuring him - Echo of Varshan - was added to the endgame system.

Players can challenge this new Boss in every World Tier, but unfortunately the game doesn't explain very well how to actually find this fight and what is needed to unlock the encounter.

In this article we'll go over everything you need to know about the new Diablo 4 Echo of Varshan Boss fight!

Invoker of Varshan

Players encounter Varshan the Consumed for the first time during the Seasonal story quest. Varshan is the former teacher of Cormond - to the bewildered grief of his disciple, he fell to the Malignant corruption and caused it to spread throughout Sanctuary.

After we defeat his easy-mode version in a final story beat of the quest, Varshan drops a special item - Recipe: Invoker of Varshan. Use it to learn the recipe, then go to the Cormond's Workbench in Kyovashad.

You'll see a new craftable item called Invoker of Varshan appear in the Malignant Invoker tab, and it costs one of each Vicious, Brutal and Devious Invoker, plus a Demon Heart. Regular Invokers drop from Malignant enemies and Malignant Events, while Demon Heart is a common resource dropped by monsters.

Invoker of Varshan is your ticket to the Echo of Varshan Boss fight, but the next step is trickier than it seems - we need to find where the fight is.

Where to Find Echo of Varshan

During Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant, you can find Echo of Varshan in certain Malignant Tunnels, which are a new type of a Dungeon added to the game.

There are a total of six Malignant Tunnel in Sanctuary - two in Fractured Peaks, two in Dry Steppes, and two in Hawezar. Only three of them - one Tunnel in each region - contain an Echo of Varshan Boss fight:

  • The Boiling Wound in Fractured Peaks
  • Ravening Pit in Dry Steppes
  • Bedeviled Grotto in Hawezar

The Echo of Varshan boss arena is located at the very end of these Dungeons. As you approach the end, the Malignant Tunnel separates in two: the right-hand path leads to the Invoker event (where you get to pick a Malignant Heart of preferred color), and the left-hand path leads to the Boss arena.

Use your Invoker of Varshan on the Monstrous Outgrowth in the center, the Boss will spawn, and the challenge will begin! Note that even if you fail to defeat Varshan and are forced to retreat - that's okay, your Invoker will not be consumed unless you have actually beaten Varshan. Get stronger, and come back to face Varshan once again!

Uber Echo of Varshan

Once you've defeated Echo of Varshan in World Tier I or World Tier II, you will then be able to challenge this Boss again in the Nightmare Difficulty - World Tier III!

This time, the encounter will be much harder - Varshan will be level 60, much tankier, and his attacks will hurt much more. He will even add a few new moves to his arsenal!

To access Diablo 4 Echo of Varshan in World Tier III you will need a Foul Invoker of Varshan. The recipe for it drops when you beat Echo of Varshan in World Tier II.

Craft the Foul Invoker by combining 50 Sigil Powder (you can get it by disenchanting Nightmare Dungeon Sigils) and the regular Invoker of Varshan. Then take it to the Malignant Tunnel and you will be able to access the new difficulty of the Varshan fight.

However, even after you beat a level 60 Varshan - that's not the end of it! The villain will return one more time in the Torment Difficulty - World Tier IV.

This time he will be level 80 and will unleash his full power - this encounter is called Uber Echo of Varshan for its extreme difficulty.

Same as before, you will need a ticket - it is called Tormented Invoker of Varshan, and the recipe drops - you guessed it - from the World Tier III encounter. You will need Helltide materials to craft it - five Forgotten Souls and five Fiend Roses, in addition to the regular Invoker of Varshan.

Boss Guide: Attacks and Rewards

Echo of Varshan Attacks

  • Summons: At the start and during the encounter, Varshan will summon three minions. Varshan will absorb them to gain a Barrier - the more he absorbs, the bigger the shield.
  • Tendril Swipe: Varshan uses his tendrils to strike three times. In World Tiers III and IV, this attack launches projectiles in a cone.
  • Tendril Stab: Varshan stabs three times directly in front of him using his tendrils. In World Tiers III and IV, this attack can track players and launches projectiles.
  • Tendril Lunge: Using tendrils to pull himself, Varshan lunges and strikes at you. In World Tiers III and IV, this attack deals more damage. Note that this move is his only gap closer - otherwise he tends to sit at the center of the arena.
  • Explosive Decay: Varshan marks the ground and after a delay the whole area violently explodes. This is Varshan's deadliest attack, and the AoE patterns get more challenging as the fight progresses. In World Tiers III and IV, this attack explodes much quicker and has a bigger AoE.


Varshan the Consumed
(Season Questline)
・Invoker of Varshan
・Malignant Heart
・Malignant Ichor
・EXP, Equipment, and Gold
Echo of Varshan
(World Tier I and II)
・Recipe: Foul Invoker of Varshan
・Malignant Hearts
・Malignant Ichor
・EXP, Equipment, and Gold
Echo of Varshan
(World Tier III)
・Recipe: Tormented Invoker of Varshan
・Malignant Hearts
・Malignant Ichor
・EXP, Equipment, and Gold
Echo of Varshan
(World Tier IV)
・Malignant Hearts
・Malignant Ichor
・EXP, High Item Power Gear (800+), and Gold
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