Nightmare Dungeons Rated Best to Worst – Season of the Malignant

Here are the Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant best Nightmare Dungeons - in terms of monster density, layout and objectives.

In Diablo 4, the best endgame farming strategies so far consistently revolve around efficient Nightmare Dungeons farming.

Nightmare Dungeons are a primary type of endgame content in Diablo 4 - they put the players up against a wide range of obstacles and monsters that scale in difficulty and vary in terms of challenging modifiers. Clearing Nightmare Dungeons rewards the best experience, loot, and valuable Paragon Glyph XP, which means if you want to progress your character - you have to farm them.

There are a total of 30 Nightmare Dungeons available during Season of the Malignant, six for each region. Not all of them are created equal - they vary significantly in terms of monster density, layout and objectives.

On this page you'll find a full list of Diablo 4 endgame dungeons, with the ratings attached that will help you determine the best Nightmare Dungeons to farm.

Note that the rating system is just a broad framework to highlight the dungeons that the community believes to be the most efficient in terms of clear speed-to-xp ratio. In the end, Diablo 4 is a game with many variables, and the best Nightmare Dungeons for you are the ones that you personally believe to be the most fun. Feel free to experiment and find what works best for you an you build!

Fractured Peaks

Dead Man's DredgeCollect Animus + Gauntlet + Free 7 PrisonersNo BossS
Mercy's ReachSlay 3 Elites + Return 2 Objects + GauntletTomb LordS
Nostrava DeepwoodSlay All Enemies + Gauntlet + Slay 3 ElitesNo BossA
Immortal EmanationDestroy 5 Objects + GauntletBlood BishopA
Hoarfrost DemiseDestroy 3 ObjectsKhazra AbominationB
Kor Valar RampartsFree 5 Prisoners + Slay Elite for KeyKnight CouncilB


Sarat's LairDestroy 3 ObjectsSaratS
Mariner's RefugeDestroy 3 ObjectsDrowned SeahagS
StockadesSlay Elite for Key + Collect AnimusResurrected MaliceB
Garan HoldDestroy 3 Objects + Gauntlet + Slay Elite for KeySpiritcaller of FlamesB
Twisted HollowCollect Animus + Return 1 ObjectBrambleC
Domhainne TunnelsFree 6 Prisoners + Gauntlet + Return 1 ObjectKhazra AbominationC

Dry Steppes

Komdor TempleSlay 3 ElitesKhazra AbominationS
Charnel HouseFree 6 Prisoners + Slay Elite for Key + Gauntlet + Destroy 3 ObjectsNo BossA
Pallid DelveSlay All Enemies + Slay Elite for Key + Gauntlet + Destroy 3 ObjectsTomb LordA
Shifting CityReturn 2 Objects + Gauntlet + Collect AnimusTomb LordC
Path of the BlindSlay 2 Elites + Return 3 ObjectsScourge of the LandC
Betrayer's RowCollect AnimusScourge of the LandD


Uldur's CaveDestroy 3 Objects + Gauntlet + Slay All EnemiesNo BossS
Tomb of the SaintsActivate 2 Objects + Slay All EnemiesResurrected MaliceA
Collapsed VaultSlay All Enemies + Return 2 ObjectsSeething HivemasterD
Heretics AsylumCollect Animus + Slay Elite for KeyKnight CouncilD
Halls of the DamnedDestroy 2 Objects + GauntletTomb LordD
Forgotten RuinsSlay All Enemies + Return 2 ObjectsSlitherD


Akkhan's GraspReturn 2 Objects + Gauntlet + Slay 2 ElitesBlood BishopA
Ancient ReservoirSlay All Enemies + Return 2 ObjectsTomb LordB
Iron HoldSlay Elite for Key + Gauntlet + Return 2 ObjectsScourge of the LandB
Lost KeepSlay 3 Elites + Collect AnimusResurrected MaliceC
Faceless ShrineFree 5 Prisoners + Gauntlet + Destroy 3 ObjectsMother's JudgmentC
Bastion of FaithCollect Animus + Return 1 Object + Gauntlet + Slay 3 ElitesNo BossD
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