Season of the Malignant Gameplay Changes – World Tiers, Helltide, Experience

Diablo 4 Patch 1.1 will significantly change how experience is balanced, and Helltide Mystery Chests will see a big nerf.

Diablo 4 Patch 1.1 contains adjustments to several important gameplay systems that will change how experience and World Tiers work. Renown will see a couple of crucial changes, making Altars of Lilith and map discovery account-wide.

Helltides endgame activity sees a massive nerf - the monsters are now higher in level, while Mystery Chests will increase in cost.

All of the changes made in Patch 1.1 are already live, and you can test them yourselves right now in the Eternal realm, and also on the Seasonal Realm starting July 20 when Season of the Malignant launches.

World Tiers & Helltide

World Tier II has had the following bonuses added:

  • Bonus Gold: Increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Monsters now drop 15% more items.

Developer’s Note: We like where World Tier II has landed overall but are increasing its reward pace to better align with its difficulty.

World Tiers III and IV - in Diablo 4 Patch 1.1 level scaling inside dungeons and most overworld territories has been adjusted. Monsters will begin to trail behind the player in Level after a certain point (up to a maximum of 5 Levels behind). This change does not affect World Bosses, Legion Events, Fields of Hatred, Helltide, or Nightmare Dungeons.

  • World Tier III Example:
    • If the the player's Level is below 55, the monster's Level is 55.
    • If the player’s Level is 56-60, the monster’s Level is 55.
    • If the player’s Level is 61, the monster’s Level is 56.
    • If the player’s Level is 62, the monster’s Level is 57, etc. (from this point the monsters will always be -5 until World Tier III's max monster Level of 70).
  • World Tier IV Example:
    • If the player’s Level is below 75, the monster’s Level is 75.
    • If the player’s Level is 76-80, the monster Level is 75.
    • If the player’s Level is 81, the monster’s Level is 76.
    • If the player’s Level is 82, the monster’s Level is 77, etc. (from this point the monsters will always be -5).

Developer’s Note: We want to give players a better sense of their power progression and mastery over the world while still challenging themselves with structured End Game activities.

Helltides have had the following adjustments made:

  • Helltide monsters are now 3 Levels higher than the player instead of 2.
  • The Tortured Gift of Mysteries chest has had its cost increased to 250 Aberrant Cinders from 175.
  • All interactable objects in Helltide zones now have a small chance of dropping Aberrant Cinders.

Developer’s Note: We're looking to increase the danger in Helltide's risk-reward gameplay by making the monsters a bit more challenging and the Tortured Gift of Mysteries harder to open.


Bonus experience rewards for killing monsters that are a higher Level than the player adjusted.

  • Pre-Season of the Malignant bonuses:
    • 1 Level higher: +15%.
    • 2 Levels higher: +20%.
    • 3+ Levels higher: +25%.
  • Post-Season of the Malignant:
    • 1.5% bonus per Level up to 10 Levels.
      • Ex:
        • +1 level: +1.5%.
        • +2 levels: +3%.
        • +10 levels: +15%.

Experience rewards for monster Level offsets for higher World Tiers.

  • Current World Tier Level offsets
    • World Tier II: Up to +3.
    • World Tier III: Up to +10.
    • World Tier IV: Up to +100.
  • We are changing this to
    • World Tier II: Up to +3 (Unchanged).
    • World Tier III: Up to +6.
    • World Tier IV: Up to +10.
  • For Example:
    • You are Level 1. Your friends bring you to World Tier IV and leave you at the entrance of a dungeon. They start killing Level 100 monsters.
      • Prior to Season of the Malignant, you get:
        • (Level 100 Monster XP) * (1 + 25%)
      • After Season of the Malignant, you get:
        • (Level 11 Monster XP) * (1 + 15%)

Developer’s Note: We have observed that the experience bonus rewarded for killing higher level monsters escalates too fast when compared to the relative challenge involved. We still want to reward players for taking on this challenge by encouraging them to participate in powerleveling together instead of one player killing enemies while another member of their Party waits at the dungeon’s entrance.

Reward experience for completing Whispers in World Tiers III and IV has been significantly increased in Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.


  • Altar of Lilith Unlocks are now account wide.
  • Map discovery is now account wide.
  • Whispers will no longer reward Sigil Dust.
  • Overall loot quality has been significantly improved for Silent Chests.
  • The channel time for the Leave Dungeon ability has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • We have generally reduced the tendency for many monsters to move around in combat, so that melee characters don't have to chase down their enemies as much.
  • Added PS5 Dual Sense Edge Wireless controller support for PC.
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