Diablo 4 Pre-Load

Diablo 4 Pre-Load Now Available: Server Slam is the Day 1 Build

Diablo 4 is now available for pre-load so you can be ready for its official release on June 1 (for Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition) or June 5! You can check out the countdowns here. There's about 80 GB of download including High Resolution Assets (40 GB without) to download.

To save time and data, if you have not uninstalled Server Slam already you can use the same files to pre-load. Do note that this method is not guaranteed to work, and the game may not function properly. Do it at your own risk!

  1. Start the pre-load.
  2. Wait for the indexing to complete.
  3. Close Battle.net.
  4. Copy the contents of your Server Slam directory over to the retail directory.
  5. Reopen Battle.net.
  6. Resume the download, and should only have around 8.5 GB remaining to download and update.

This confirms that the Server Slam files are more or less the complete game, with a few assets missing - which was also confirmed by Joseph Piepiora, Associate Game Director on Diablo 4 via Twitter. Content creators and review media outlets used the same version to play the game ahead of time.


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