Megan Fox Diablo 4 Ad

Megan Fox Diablo 4 Ad Hits Record Views

Diablo 4 have launched a promo featuring Hollywood sex symbol Megan Fox. Within hours it hit record numbers on Twitter and TikTok.

Last night Diablo 4 have launched a new promo campaign featuring popular actress Megan Fox. The Hollywood sensation starred in Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise movies. She is widely regarded as one of the sex symbols in the industry.

6 million views in 6 hours

The video featuring her in a revealing gothic-fantasy costume has appeared on Diablo official Twitter and Tiktok accounts. Within hours it hit record numbers, amassing 1.3 million clicks on Twitter and 4.5 million views on TikTok.

For a frame of reference, an average Diablo 4 post on TikTok gets 10-20k views.

Megan Fox Diablo 4 Ad

In the Diablo 4 Megan Fox ad, the star invites all Diablo fans to share the videos of their characters' deaths using #DiabloDeaths hashtag on Twitter and #DiabloDeaths on TikTok. The team will then select the most memorable videos for the personal eulogy from the star herself.

"If there's one thing I love, it's the sight of blood. And in Diablo 4, there are rivers of it.

Show me your worst in-game deaths using #DiabloDeaths and you might get a eulogy from yours truly, telling the world you went out like a hero... or a chump".

Diablo 4 Megan Fox Ad

Diablo 4 knowing their audience

It seems the marketing team really connected with their audience this time! After the announcement, the popular Diablo 4 streamer Quin commented: "Ok maybe I was wrong about the Diablo 4 marketing strategy". Asmongold reacted to the video on his stream, saying: "I don't even care about the Barbarian nerfs anymore".

Users on Reddit have also lauded by the campaign. User Makussux wrote: "Pretty crazy how much money is involved with making video games these days". Nokami93 replied: "Well it's one of the biggest entertainment products on the planet."

Diablo 4 has officially launched on all platforms yesterday, June 6th. Blizzard is backing the release with several promotions, including the Twitch Drops campaign and the 'Lilith' music video by Halsey ft. SUGA.

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