Necromancer Book of the Dead


The Book of the Dead is a mechanic unique to the necromancer that is available from the start of the game; it allows you to summon skeletons and golems to help with combat. Summons may also grant you stat bonuses in exchange for not being able to summon them.


  • Book of the Dead is available from the start of the game
  • There must be a corpse to summon skeletal units
  • A quest is given to you at level 25 which unlocks the Golem summon
  • More than 1 type of summon can be active 
  • Summons can be sacrificed to provide self buffs such as Vulnerability and Critical Strike Chance

Book of the Dead

Currently, as of Open Beta there are 3 types of summons currently available for the necromancer Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages and Golems. Mages and Warriors have 3 sub-classes/categories that provide different effects when summoned or sacrificed. Skeletal summons require a corpse to resummon while Golem automatically respawn after 20 seconds if killed.

Skeletal Warriors

Skirmishers - Sword-wielding skeletal minions that deal 30% increased damage but have 15% reduced Life.

Upgrade 1You can raise one additional Skirmisher Warrior.
Upgrade 2Each time you Critically Strike, your Skirmisher Warriors next attack Critically Strikes and deals 50% bonus Critical Strike Damage. Can only happen every 3 seconds.
SacrificeYour critical strike chance is increased by 5%, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Warriors

Defenders - Durable shield-bearers with 15% increased Life.

Upgrade 1Every 8 seconds your defenders negate the next instance of direct damage they would take.
Upgrade 2Increase the amount of thorns that Defenders inherit from you from 30% to 50%.
SacrificeYou gain 15% non-physical resistance, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Warriors

Reapers - Wields a powerful scythe that has a special wind-up attack, dealing heavy damage every 10 seconds.

Upgrade 1Reaper attacks against who are Immobilized, Slowed, Stunned, or Vulnerable reduce the cooldown of their wind-up attack by 2 seconds. 
Upgrade 2Reapers have a 15% chance to carve flesh off enemies, forming a corpse
SacrificeYou deal 10% increased Shadow Damage but you can no longer raise Skeletal Warriors.

Skeletal Mages

Shadow - Shadow Mages wield power from the beyond dealing moderate Shadow damage.

Upgrade 1Shadow Mages attacks have a 10% chance to Stun for 2 seconds. This cannot happen on the same enemy more than once every 5 seconds.
Upgrade 2Shadow Mages fire an additional attack every 6th basic attack
SacrificeYour maximum Essence us increased by 15, but you can no longer summon Skeletal Mages

Cold - Cold Mages attacks will chill enemies eventually freezing them in their tracks.

Upgrade 1Each time your Cold Mages damage enemies with their primary attack, you gain 2 essence.
Upgrade 2Enemies who are Frozen or damaged while Frozen by your Cold Mages primary attack are made Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
SacrificeYou deal 15% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Mages.

Bone - Bone Mages use their own bodies as projectiles, dealing heavy damage at the cost of their own Life.

Upgrade 1Reduces the Life Cost of your Bone Mages attacks from 15% to 10%. After being alive for 5 seconds Bone Mages deal 40% increased damage.
Upgrade 2Each time a Bone Mage dies from its own attack, they leave behind a corpse and fortify you for 11% of your Base Life
SacrificeYour Overpower damage is increased by 30%, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Mages.


Bone - A horrid protector that taunts enemies, forcing them to attack the Golem.

Upgrade 1Each time your Golem takes up to 20% of its Maximum Life as damage, it sheds a Corpse.
Upgrade 2Your Bone Golem gains 10% maximum Life and the amount of Thorns they inherit from you is increased from 30% to 50%.
SacrificeYou gain 10% increased attack speed, but you lose the ability to summon a Golem.
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